SS-2, The Pride of Indonesia Army

May 19, 2008

PT Pindad has produced weaponry exclusively for the Indonesian military (TNI) for years. Their main assault rifle is a FN-FNC rippoff aka. the SS1 (V1-V5). Now they have upgraded their program and developed a new rifle for the army. SS2 is a further derivate of FNC, with detachable carry handle, RAS, and a modular design. The SS2-V1 is basically a FNC lower with a new developed upper and barrel.

The flashhider – grenade launcher seems to be based on a M16A2 pattern, it also has a forward assist. The detachable rear sight combined with carrying handle is based on top of picantiny M1913 rails, while the front sight seems to be more inspired by AK series. Also notice the gas block design and the improved folding stock with cheek pad. PT. PINDAD is an Indonesian manufacturing industry specializing in military and commercial products. It’s activities cover design, development, engineering and fabrication as well as maintenance. Founded in 1808 as military equipment workshop in Surabaya under the name of Artillerie Constructie Winkel (ACW), this workshop expanded into a factory and after it had undergone same name change, it moved to Bandung in 1923.

The Dutch handed over the factory to Indonesian Goverment on April 29, 1950. Then the said factory was officially named Pabrik Senjata dan Munisi (PSM), means weapon and ammunition factory, and located in where PT. PINDAD lies now. Since then PT. PINDAD had change into an industry of military tools and equipment under the management of Indonesian Army. PT. PINDAD changed it’s status into a state owned company called PT. PINDAD (Persero) on April 29, 1983. The agency change into PT. Pakarya Industri (Persero) and then changed again into PT. Bahana Pakarya Industri Strategis (Persero). In the year of 2002 ste status of PT. PINDAD (Persero) was again changed by the government, and since then the company is under Kementerian BUMN.

The indonesian army are as of 2006 using the 7.62 mm FN-FAL Rifle, 7.62 mm vz/52/57 Assault Rifle, 7.62 mm Beretta BM59 Assault Rifle, 5.56 mm M16A1 Assault Rifle, 5.56 mm SIG 541, Pindad 5.56 mm FN-FNC’s and the 5.56 mm K1A1. For many years the Indonesian Marine Corps used the AK-47 as its primary small arm. In recent years the Navy has procured the K1A1 South Korean 5.56 mm rifle manufactured by Daewoo. But they will soon be issued the domestically produced SS2 rifle, manufactured by the army Pindad weapons factory. There is also a carbine version with shorter barrel. The SS1 is still on production run only in improved version like carbine for newly-raised counter-insurgency Raider unit. For Marines Corps, there is also a marinized variant composed by water-resistant steel. The barrel of the SS2 was imported from Germany, but due to embargos, Pindad decided to switch it with South Korean made ones. SS2 itself is derived from SS1 which was actually made under license from Belgian FN (Fabrique Nationale).


3 Responses to “SS-2, The Pride of Indonesia Army”

  1. Mike said

    It looks a bit long and unweildy. What is the weight fully loaded?

  2. Untuk jadi Bangsa yang besar dan mandiri harus memiliki pemimpin yang berani, tegaas, jujur bukan komprador. Penguasaan teknologi ALUSISTA mutlak harus di kuasai, sekalipun NUKLIR…VIVA INDONESIA RAYA.

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